What to do when the situation is not in my control? This is the common query of our new generation students. I have chosen this topic today because this is something for what I have myself suffered a lot in my life. And I believe that not only me but almost everyone in this world suffers a lot emotionally and mentally very much for this reason.


 As usual my way of explaining the matter is through examples and I will take a hypothetical case of a person who is around 20 years of age, similar to me. Now as we all can see in today’s world cardiac attack is something that has become too common in almost every age group.  So I’m supposing that the person got a heart attack at 20 years of age. Now anyone in the position of this person will start feeling depressed about the misfortune which will depress his/her family and friends and will actually delay the process of healing.


Actually the basic thing I want to convey is the fact that no one continues to have a smooth journey all throughout their life. And getting frustrated and looking up and saying God that “why this has happened only with me? I have never done something wrong “, actually will never help. The best person who can help at such time of distress is the person within us. Empowering yourself rather than waiting for other people to empower us or rather than expecting that the situation will get better and then we will be happy is actually foolishness because by the time everything will settle down we would have already gone through a lot of pain.


Then what actually is in our hand? Situation is never in our control. You can’t expect even your dear and near ones to have a nice conversation with you every time. There will be incidents in life which will not be according to what we had expected. The only thing that is in our hand is our own state of being. We can’t see our reflection in moving water. Only when the water is stable we get to see our face and it acts as a mirror. Similarly, when we stop getting confused in life and try to get stable in every situation, we can view the situation from a better angle and just like the reflection of our face in stagnant water  we will be able to see the solution to every problem of our life.
I hope this article has helped you to realise what is in our hand? situation or my own state? Visit here For more Details. PEACE

I am right you are wrong” this is such a statement which we merely use in our life but we always try to prove it with our action. Even if we don’t show off, but deep inside our heart we believe that we are correct and everyone else is wrong. And as everyone starts thinking similarly in this manner, we are very much towards the way of creating a world where everyone will try to establish his/her fact without listening to the other person’s point of view.


Wait a minute, does that means we should not fight for our rights? Then it means none of us are right? Surely not, the reality is everyone is right but from his/her own point of view. For example today most of the people buy a new dress not because it suits there taste but he/she will get appreciation from everyone else in the world. And suddenly after getting appreciation from 4 people if the fifth person says that “what kind of a dress are you wearing? It is so dull.” Then the very next moment if the person is too important in our life, we lose the enjoyment/happiness we were getting due to that beautiful dress or else if that person is not so important we will start criticising him/her. For example we will say like “he/she don’t have any sense of fashion” or like “he/she is jealous of me.” Both of the statement may be correct but reality is the dress is beautiful and will always be beautiful for you but it’s his/her point of view that it is not a good dress. That doesn’t means that it is not good. Both of us are correct. Similarly in any argument both the persons are always correct. But we don’t accept it and we don’t let it go until the final result of the argument is in our favour.


Then what exactly we should do? Is it even possible to do something so ideal, where no one will fight with someone in this world? If I say that yes it is possible and many of us have been doing it also. Just take the case of any corporate meeting. May be a meeting of board of directors where everyone comes from a different background with a different idea and point of view to solve the problem. But no one tries to win over the other because it’s the basic essence of any Group Discussion/ meeting that we have to listen to everyone with patience and keep our point of view in front of them. And as a result the meeting ends with a nice conclusion and a better solution which most of the time none of them could have thought alone. Then if we can do it in our job then why can’t we do it in our personal life. Just because we get salary for it, it doesn’t make sense we won’t treat everyone equally. At the end of the day everyone live this life to be happy and if only incorporating these small values into our life can make us happy then why can’t we try? Success consists of going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm – Winston Churchill. And success in relationship can create a beautiful life for sure. Hope from now onwards you won't say "I am right and You are..." For More visit Here PEACE
People's Misbehaviour is unpredictable. Is there anyone out there who can guarantee us that our parent scold us because they enjoy scolding everyone or is there any parent who accepts that he/she doesn’t love his/her child and hence they scold them always? We all know deep inside our heart that what our parents do is for our good and every parent also is clear about one thing in mind that he/she wants to see a great future personality in their child. And they think that scolding will help them overcome their mistakes/problems. But once again we are trying to use the energy of negativity to create something positive.
Let’s for now leave the topic of parents. Let us think about any person. Why do people misbehave to anyone? Be it their own dear and near ones or be it with any person who has any kind of involvement in their life. We may have seen a lot of people around us who gets angry too quickly for no reason. But we never tried to sort out why the person does this always? We say that it’s there ego/attitude that has made them like that but in reality they are too disturbed inside. We love people who have got a nice personality and a nice behaviour but in originality the people who are always angry or disturbed are the people who are in need of love. They behave in that manner because unknowingly they want attention from everyone. As they don’t get loved they find it a good way to make people realise their importance.

Keeping our mind stable and instead of arguing, trying to love the person who made us angry is something that will need practice but whatever be it, we can’t deny the truth. Take a simple case of an alcoholic person, whatever he says we don’t mind him because we know he is out of his mind. Similarly look at every misbehaving person as an alcoholic person. Here the difference is only about the type of alcohol. There it was ethanol (ethyl + alcohol) and here is it depressanol (depression + alcohol). Just try for once today. Instead of getting into argument stay calm at that moment and when the person is back to normal love them as much as they deserve, I’m sure relationships will get better because I have personally tried it . Good thing comes only to those who deserve it.

I wish from now everyone will look at poeple's misbehaviour with a different eye.  PEACE.
Tolerance is considered as weakness these days.In today’s world if you don’t respond to the injustice or insult done to you with equal vigour then you are weak. And showing off in front of the world that I am weak is the biggest blunder we can commit.

Am I Weak?

 But what is more important? Feeling strong or showing off that we are strong? Let’s start off with an example of mountains. As we all know mountains are huge and a storm can cause harm to a tree/house or people residing on the mountain but the mountain doesn’t move from its position at all neither does it starts fighting with the storm to prove that it is strong. Its stability is the greatest proof of its strength.

Tolerance is my Strength

I think everyone has already got my point that instead of getting angry upon someone’s rude behaviour stability is something that proves our actual strength. But how far is it practical in our day to day life? Before I go into this question I have a question for everyone. Did you ever have felt stronger after a long session of argument? Moreover the incident may occur only for 10 minutes but the recording of that event goes on and on in our mind creating negative thoughts and feelings for the person. And while doing this no one recognises the wastage of time and energy they go through. Everyone feels mentally depleted and most of us carry the anger inside us for hours/days/months or even for years.

Real Life Experiences

Just go back to any incident of your life which has caused you a lot of pain in past and think for a while… was there any other way we could have responded to that situation? May be the person was not correct from my point of view at that time but  was it correct even from my side to hold that incident for so long for so many years? Let’s take it in the other way, whoever be it , if that person was not a well-wisher for me then for that person I am causing damage to my health by holding on to that clutter inside and viewing that same incident again and again and experiencing it every time. In a way that person has done his/her job because he wanted you to get disturbed and we have helped him in his work by holding onto that matter. A bit of conscious thinking can help us a lot. We are not causing any damage to that person who was there years ago but we are causing pain to ourselves every time. Realise and let that situation go from your mind. Tolerance is the greatest power one may achieve.If you don’t let go of the past you won’t get what you deserve in future. PEACE.
Inner Pain is something we cannot show to the outside world. The following article gives you a brief description of what we feel inside and how to solve it.

Psychological Aspect of Pain

Most of us must have heard the story of Lord Buddha where he asks a person to bring a handful of mustard seeds from a house where sadness has never entered. And the person realised after a while that this task is impossible. But the million dollar question is why everyone has some reason or the other for being sad? Is there no way to be happy forever? Today everyone claims that “he insulted me” or “why did she hurt me?” But is it correct for us to blame other people for the hurt we feel? Or there’s another way of looking at the situation?

Our Own Experience

Realise a very simple fact for a minute. Consider any previous experiences of your life and imagine for a second, if the same sentence/behaviour you would have got from a stranger then did you have felt the same pain that you went through?  Absolutely not, then what actually is the element that differentiates a stranger from our beloved ones? A funny way to answer this would be strangers don’t spend time with us that’s why they are strangers. But actually the difference is the way we look at them. We give them the right to hurt us. So actually we are responsible for our pain no one else because if we wouldn’t have given them the right to hurt us they really can’t hurt us.

Definition of Love

Many people think that if we don’t give this much of importance to our dear and near one’s then we don’t love them or if they are doing this to us then they don’t love us anymore. But ask your heart just once….. How can giving pain or getting hurt can ever define LOVE? Hope the Reason behind your pain was clear after you read this article.
Becoming a Good Leader is not so easy. A lot of things need to be followed to achieve the excellence of becoming a Good Leader. 

Our Believe System

There’s a common believe in our mind that the best way of getting our work done is to get angry with that person because what they can’t do, our scolding will make them do. But until how much our believe system is correct? Did we ever stopped for a while and tried to figure out that was there any other way of doing it? There’s a famous saying in India that before judging someone else you must get into his shoes and walk at least 10 steps. This makes you realise the situation of the other person.
Becoming a CEO or a MD is seriously not a matter of joke because you have to go through a lot of hardwork, training and what not-only then someone becomes eligible to head a company. But does it gives us the license to hurt people around us to get our job done. To solve this everyday issue we just need to go back few years down the memory lane and remember what did we used to feel when our professor or teacher or parent or someone used to scold us for something that we didn’t do correctly. Did it felt nice in our heart when we went back to do the same work after getting scolded. Did we had a stable mind while studying the chapter for what we got scolded from our parents for not getting good grades? Did we were able to concentrate on our work totally?No ! Because our mind wanders over the incident over and over again experiencing the whole journey of pain everytime.Then why do we expect that people who are working under our supervision will be able to give their best when there heart is full of sorrow and pain that he/she had felt in recent past.

Importance of Peaceful Life

Today even government has started understanding the importance of having a stable and peaceful mind, now it’s our turn to do it.Lastly I will site an example for those who are still not so sure about how work will be getting done if we stop getting angry upon everyone. The story is about famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the fluorescent light.Once he got the chance to demonstrate his invention. While moving out he gave the lamp to his servant and asked him to carry the lamp with him to the place of demonstration. Unluckily the lamp fell from his hand and got broken. Thomas went to the place of demonstration and apologized from everyone and somehow got just one more day and one last chance for him to demonstrate the lamp. That day he worked for whole night and finally by morning a new lamp was ready. While going out once again he asked the servant to carry the lamp. Everyone told him not to do so because again he will break the lamp just like what he did yesterday. Thomas replied very politely that if I don’t trust him today, then I am going to break his heart and his self confidence which is a million times more costly than the lamp because we can make a new lamp but we can’t make a new heart.VISIT for more insight to the topic